Three SEO Tips To Drive Visitors To Your Site

Three SEO Tips To Drive Visitors To Your SiteWe all want to have an impact on those that visit our site. Unfortunately, it is hard to control whether people have positive or negative thoughts about our websites. However, with some excellent SEO tips, you can drive visitors to your site and keep them coming. And best of all, they will have a positive experience!

If you have a business, you really need to have a website. Fifteen years ago, when people rarely visited the internet, it was not that big of a deal to not have a website. But with more people into technology, and even more having smartphones, it is essential for your business in order to remain on top.

In this article, we will discuss three SEO tips that you can use in order to have more visitors on your website than you ever dreamed of.

First, think about your content. Many people will research before they purchase anything. They want to know what the latest trends are, or how a certain product can benefit their skin. Say you are selling skin care products for aging. If you have a blog that showcases what different products do for the skin, people will want to read about it. You can go into depth as much as you like on this, such as what every main ingredient in a specific cream does.

Now that you have thought about your content, go one step further. Instead of just writing articles about what you are selling, use various means getting the word out. Consider using videos such as tutorials on how to use a product. Or images of people using your products. You may even consider using before and after images of people who have used your products. This is a great way for people to see how well your product works. However, if you are using images, make sure to use keywords and your alt text in order to make sure the search engines recognize the images. And, as a side benefit of adding images, it breaks up your content which is easier for your readers to read.

Now, remember above, we discussed how a great number of people have smartphones? So one thing you need to think about when you do SEO is to make sure that your site is mobile friendly. If people are not able to view it on their phones or tablets, you do not have a site that is SEO friendly. And this means that others will do better than you on the search engines, which is not going to help you competition wise.

Promoting your site is a great way to get traffic there. Social medi is huge now, so by combining these, you will do quite well. You can use Twitter to post links with a quick message. Post links on your Facebook that allow others to share. You may even wish to post deals here, such as buy one, get one half off. Start an Instagram account to add images, and see what Pinterest can do for you. All of these are excellent ways to get ahead when it comes to promoting your business.

Great content will get your website a lot of visitors. Vary up your content, adding videos and images to really make your website pop! And making sure your site is SEO friendly will ensure that those on mobile devices are able to access your site. Promotion always works great on social sites too. However, if you are unsure of how you can get these three tips to work for you, contact Alphabet Marketing today.