What Really Matters in 2019 For Ranking Signals

What Really Matters in 2019 For Ranking SignalsA new ranking factor seems to come into play every year from Google. From HTTPS to mobile usability, we have seen different types of elements take place.

So what is the next new thing for 2019? Mobile page speed is huge. If you want to rank in Google, you will need to spend your time focusing on mobile page speed. With more and more individuals using their mobile devices, it is very important to have a fast page speed.

But there are more things for ranking signals besides mobile page speed. You can rank better in 2019 and give your customers the best possible experience if you join in on the following ranking factors.

Enough can not be said for really great content. But it needs to be of the highest quality. Content has been and always will be king. Optimize your content for SEO purposes and provide the best valuable content you can write. Never add content just to add content. Panda updates made it so this type of content could actually harm your site then do any good.

Keyword research is very important for ranking signals and can help one provide great content. Keywords are perfect for SEO as they make your content go somewhere. All of your content for that one article should pertain to your specific keyword(s)/phrases. Therefore, by doing your own keyword research, you will be able to find keywords that could help your site gain more traffic.

Having a mobile-friendly site is super important! It is imperative to make sure that your content on your desktop and your mobile match.

Improve your user experience, as SEO depends on it greatly. If a user does not like the looks of the website or feels that the content is awful, they will stop visiting the site.

Users also enjoy it when a call to action button is added to a website. This is a surefire way to get more page views.

Your page speed needs to be optimized. If you have a slow loading site, those visitors will end up leaving your site and going to your competition. And that means less revenue for you. If you are uncertain of what your page speed is, you can utilize a tool to test the average page speed of the website.

Backlinks are important. But only if they are authoritative and relevant to your website. You can see a significant rank in 2019 if you work on your backlinking. There are different ways that you can earn these backlinks. One really great way is making an infographic. Many will republish these, as they are full of information. Infographics that are shared on social media sites can expose your site to quite a bit of traffic.

Free content is also a way to get some really good backlinks. E-books are huge, as people feel they are truly getting something that is valuable. You may even consider free tools. Quizzes are a wonderful way to supply visitors with information that they want to learn.

There are many ranking signals for 2019 that can greatly affect your site. They are all very important and each one can help the next when all of them are rolled into one plan for your website. If you are uncertain how you can rank well in 2019, consider contacting Alphabet Marketing. They will be able to help with SEO so you can increase your traffic. They have different packages from novice to extremely aggressive that are affordable to get your site where it needs to be.