PPC or SEO – Which One Has the Greatest Impact on a Law Firm?

PPC or SEO - Which One Has the Greatest Impact on a Firm?PPC or SEO – Which one has the greatest impact on a law firm? Perhaps you have only heard of one, and not the other? Or maybe you assumed SEO was all the rage since? Regardless of what you think, you should take the time to discover what the difference is between them and what one could possibly do for your law firm.

In this article, we will take the time to break down what PPC and SEO really are, as well as what the benefits to them could mean for your firm.

PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, pays a preset price every time one of your displayed advertisement is clicked. An overall budget is put into place with criteria set for the campaign. Keywords are assigned with a bid price, and the search engine takes over. PPC is helpful to reach out to your customers that may be searching for like services. An example of this is if an individual search for “what are the penalties for careless driving?” along with other careless driving questions, a search engine will begin to realize this trend. It will then point you towards careless driving attorneys through advertisements on the page.

Many like to focus solely on PPC as there is not a lot of time that goes into this. You are generally looking at spending less than half an hour per week to optimize. And the benefits of PPC can often be seen right away. Businesses that have used PPC have seen a 63% increase in their brand awareness just using this simple technique. PPC campaigns are quite easy to alter and often get high-quality exposure and traffic right away. With PPC you can also set limits on how much you want to pay. You will also only pay if someone clicks on your ad. This will allow you to really get your money worth out of the campaign. PPC can also allow your site to rise quite fast, much faster than those that are using SEO.

Those that like focusing on SEO will say that PPC is not great for a law business to use. They feel that SEO will bring more effective measures to get clients at a much cheaper price.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This process helps to optimize your web pages so they are found much easier by potential clients. SEO is very cost effective, however, one does need to spend a great deal of time each week working on it. There are backlinks to build, content to create, and meta-tags that need to be worked out.

Content is a great way to engage your customers. Blogs are one easy way to do this. Providing informative articles that engage your customers help to improve your search engine rankings. This content could be just what your customer is looking for, and could also help establish a good relationship between the brand and the customer.

Those that prefer PPC over SEO state that SEO is a waste because everything that your site does is affected by the algorithms. And SEO is very time consuming and can be difficult to do.

Either PPC or SEO can work for your law firm or company. You just need to have a desire to know and learn how each works. There is not a right or wrong choice to make with either of these. They can also be used together to create something that has the best of both worlds.