Four Things Your Law Firm Should Be Doing To Market to Millennials

Four Things Your Law Firm Should Be Doing To Market to MillennialsMillennials make up approximately 25% of our population. They take second place to the baby boomers generation. Law firm internet marketing can use these numbers in their favor. Why? Well, Millennials were the first generation to grow up with the internet. They were the first ones to have smartphones. Perhaps this is the reason that many of these individuals are reaching out to law firms. And not just one either. Many of them will contact more than one versus other generations that have contacted more than one law firm.

In this article, we will discuss four things that your attorney internet marketing team should know when it comes to marketing to millennials.

Social Media
Social media is a must for an attorney internet marketing strategy. Millennials have grown up with social media. Consider a Facebook page if you do not already have one. Tweet about different things related to your law firm. Create a YouTube video about your practice. Always be sure to share as well. Any blog content, articles, and other content should be made shareable on your social media pages, as millennials are known to share things they find interesting as well. They are not afraid to express their opinions. You should also check social media as a way of keeping track of what others are saying about your law firm.

Accept Reviews
Everyone loves reading about the good work their law firm is doing. But lawyer internet marketing teams know that not everyone is going to leave a good review. However, having a bad review or two is not a bad thing. Millennials often realize that the reviewer could have been the issue in their reviews, and not the law firm. They realize that everyone cannot be happy with everything. If you have a negative review or two, take it with a grain of salt.

Free Advice
Free advice is something that many millennials will welcome. Consider trying any one of the following. Perhaps your attorney internet marketing strategy could be to provide a checklist for things to do after a car accident. Or write an article on the importance of hiring a lawyer for driving under the influence charges. Simple things like this will go a long way in a millennial’s eyes. Provide the best information that you can to help the millennial make the best decisions about particular legal aspects they may be searching for.

Get on Board With Mobile
Millennials are a generation on the go. Since they grew up with cell phones, they are more apt to use them for searching. One top attorney internet marketing strategy that can be used is going mobile. Optimize your site for all mobile devices. Millennials are more likely to use their smartphones over a laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Lawyer internet marketing should be a top priority for an attorney. If the law firm is not able to plan our marketing for their selves, they should consider hiring someone to do the job for them. Alphabet Marketing can provide a comprehensive service to your law firm, helping you to reach the millennials that are important in your business. Alphabet Marketing knows that it can be challenging, but are willing to help you out every step of the way in order to have your attorney internet marketing plan work for you. They will be able to advise you on the four points listed above and offer more solutions to make it easier for your attorney internet marketing plan to succeed. Call them today to see how exactly they can help your law firm.