The Most Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

The Most Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Law FirmsEveryone on the planet is connected by the internet no matter who they are. Between social media, online shopping, and looking for businesses, people are spending more and more time online. This includes law firms.

In order to have success with the internet, you need an effective marketing strategy. In this post, we will discuss the best law firm online marketing strategies that can work for your firm.

Most people type in general requests when they do an online search. With this strategy, known as organic results, individuals would type in inquiries like “advice about property disputes” or “divorce attorneys” into the search bar. The user would then view the search results and click on the link that appears to be in their best interest with the most information.

If an attorney wants to use this effective law firm online marketing strategy, they will want to be ranking as high as they can on the search engines results page, also referred to as the SERPS. One measure that can be taken is to publish content that is fresh, exciting and engaging to read. Think about topics that will interest your audience and create content to reflect that.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very effective law firm online marketing strategy to target your audience. Google will display your paid ads in not only its network but also on the SERPS. There are social media PPC opportunities that a law firm can take advantage of too.

Organic efforts typically take quite a while to start working, so PPC is a faster way to get noticed. The keywords that you have used may be quite popular with other law firms. PPC will help you attract the attention your law firm needs. You will need to analyze how popular and effective your keywords are. Only use wording that is needed, but make sure to include your city and the services you provide.

Social media is huge for many individuals. You will probably not meet many people that do not have at least one social media page (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube). One popular law firm online marketing strategy to take advantage of is social media. Develop a posting schedule to keep your clients updated about your firm. You can share statistics, facts, testimonials, case results, and more. Keep all of your content shareable, as many millennial like to share information they find interesting.

You can also post pictures of your law firm. If you have a special event, such as a staff BBQ, post pictures of it. This is a great marketing strategy that allows your audience to really get to know your firm. You may also consider posting bios or a question and answer post with any of the lawyers or staff within your firm. Potential clients will also like seeing any charity work your firm has done.

One your social media page, you can also share events that your firm is hosting. Perhaps during the holidays, your firm will host a sugar cookie decorating party. At Easter, you may have an Easter Bunny photo session. In the summer, you could host a free pool party. Make sure to share pictures once these events are over, as clients will enjoy looking at what special events your law firm hosts.

These law firm online marketing strategies are a wonderful way to get your firm noticed. If you need assistance with your online presence, consider contacting Alphabet Marketing. Alphabet Marketing can help your law firm with their experience and professional attitude. Call them today to get your business on the web!