The Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes

The Top Social Media Marketing MistakesSocial media marketing is a huge piece of the pie when we think of different ways to promote a brand. After all, many different ages have social media accounts on various platforms. However, just because a company puts some of their focus on online marketing does not make their marketing skills fool-proof. Many times, mistakes are made, causing the brand time and more importantly money.

If your brand has been a victim of social media marketing mistakes, stay tuned. Here you will learn the top three mistakes made, and what you can do to fix them.

No Set Plan

One of the biggest marketing mistakes is not having a set plan. Plans are essential to success. Set a budget and make a list of goals that should be completed. Then make a plan at how you will get to your goals. Do not be afraid to add to much detail in your plan. Look at different resources, and delegate who will do what. Make goals that are obtainable, and be sure to set time frames for how long each goal will take.

To go along with a set plan, make sure that whoever is delegated to do social media marketing posting knows what is expected of them. Your brand should have rules on what is acceptable for posting and what is not.

Not Communicating

Time and time again, one of the biggest mistakes in social media marketing is not communicating to followers. You may post something, but should not then walk away from it. Engage your followers. Always reply to any comments made. Even if the comments do not require a response, still come back with something. You should note that anything posted on social media should be posted for engagement. You can do this by asking a question or creating a poll. Or posting a great image or video that will draw followers in. If you are not doing this, you may wish to go back to your plan and revise it.

Something that goes with communication is how you talk to your followers. Do you make the page entirely about your brand? Or do you like to have a friendly tone to it so others feel welcome? Try to make it about your customer so they feel special or more connected to the brand. You can do this asking questions, such as What color of X do you prefer or What is your favorite way to use X? This is not only a way to engage potential customers but also makes them feel more at home with a brand. It is also a great way to get others to respond to opinions left by your followers.

Having Too Many Social Media Accounts

Sure, social media is essential to marketing. But if you have your hands stuck in too many social media sites, you are not gaining anything. It is best to stick with a few to get the most out of social media marketing. This way you will be able to stick to your goals and engage with your followers. It takes time and effort to have this type of marketing work for a company. But when you have too many accounts, there is not enough time to make them of value.

In Summary

Social media marketing is a very effective tool for any brand. Mistakes can easily be made, but they are able to be fixed when you have a set plan. Make it a point to communicate with others on your posts, and keep the number of social media accounts down in order to see the most success. Should you need assistance, do not hesitate to email Alphabet Marketing today!