What SEO Trends Should I Follow In 2019

SEO Trends Should I Follow In 2019When it comes to SEO, one this is for sure: one can never claim that he or she is an expert. After all, it’s an ever-changing industry and you need to adapt to the latest algorithm updates and try understanding them, in order to optimize websites accordingly.

As expected, like every year, people are wondering what are the SEO trends for 2019, what’s going to work and what will fail. And this is what we’re here for: to answer these questions.

Without much further ado, let’s see which could be the biggest changes 2019 is going to bring to the search engine optimization industry.

Voice Search is going to be all over the place

We just can’t ignore the growing popularity of voice search and it won’t be that much until the majority of people will use “Ok, Google” when they want to find out something, And it’s not just saying this, as experts in this field claim that more than half of all searches will be made by voice until next year.

You should know that Google prefers short answers to voice search queries, so if you’re looking forward to optimizing your website for this type of search, keep this in mind. Oh, and there seems to be a connection between voice search and featured snippets, so by doing it, you have a high chance of featuring on position zero in SERPs!

Amazon Search Optimization is becoming a thing

Obviously, Amazon will never be able to compete head to head with Google, but this doesn’t mean that the retail giant isn’t already a big competitor and can lead to the formation of one of the biggest SEO trends of 2019.

A lot of SEO specialists claim that Amazon Search Optimization will grow significantly in the coming year. How’s that possible? According to a recent study, 56% of consumers actually look on Amazon first, before checking out products on other websites. Add the fact that on Amazon you can also find everything you need about that product – reviews, similar product suggestions – and pretty much everything else you need – so there’s no need to look somewhere else before making the final decision.

And this is enough to cause Google some problems…

Mobile-first Indexing will finally be completed

Almost one year ago Google was announcing that mobile-first indexing has started. But this wasn’t a surprise since mobile devices generate almost 60% of traffic nowadays.

The idea behind it is simple: the faster your site is and the better it responds to being accessed from a mobile device, the higher it can rank in SERPs. In a nutshell, one of the main SEO trends we will observe in 2019 will ‘force’ people to increase the quality of mobile websites and deliver improved user experiences for visitors using smartphones or tablets.

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of changes happening online right now and it can be overwhelming to stay up to date with them, in order to support your SEO efforts. However, you can always let professionals do this for you.

Alphabet Marketing knows how challenging implementing an effective marketing campaign could be. Backed by years of experience, they can help your business and ensure it has the online presence it deserves.