Methods To Boost Your Local SEO

SEO Tips Help With Marketing Your Products And BrandsIf you are looking for SEO tips that help with marketing your products and brands, you may wish to focus on local SEO. Through local SEO, you can not only gain more traffic but also increase your leads and boost sales.

Local SEO is crucial to hone in on, considering that 35% of all search inquiries are for local businesses. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort on local SEO, your business may just lose a good deal of traffic.

One SEO tip that we can not stress enough about is creating a Google My Business account. Not only will you gain visibility, but you can also rank higher on Google Maps. Once you have created your GMB page, you will want to work on optimizing your Google Business Profile. This will ensure that you are:

  • Able to establish a Google My Business account while verifying possession of the company
  • Offer precise and up-to-date data
  • Incorporate your trademark, hours of business, satisfactory payment options, the product or service your company offers, and a lot of photos.
  • Foster your clients to examine your company online
  • Answer genuinely to buyer criticisms
  • Broadcast posts (advertising goods, events, and unique promotions) to your Business Profile utilizing the Google My Business dashboard.

A second SEO tip for local SEO is obtaining reviews. A 2017 study suggests that 85% of clients use reviews as a method of personal recommendations. You can ask your clients to leave reviews after you have closed out the sale, or you may decide to send out an email or text after the purchase asking what they think about the product. Once reviews are left, it is important to address them. Take the time to thank them for trying your products, and if a negative experience was had, let them know that you are truly sorry and how you plan to fix whatever the client is unhappy about.

It is vital to make a website that is mobile-friendly. With many more individuals switching strictly to smartphones, it is crucial to have a website for your business that will load quickly while your customers are on the go. It should take no longer than 3 seconds to load onto your mobile device. Plan on using a larger font, so it is easier to read. Use images that are only needed, as filling the mobile site with images and too many pieces of content can make it difficult to load.

You will also want to hone in on an “about us” page. Be sure to have a place for your name, address, and phone number (NAP), reviews, hours of operation, promotions and deals, testimonials and reviews, descriptions of all products, and parking information. You should also plan on attaching Google Maps to each business location.

We love the idea of creating content that deals with local stories and events. This is a surefire way to get the attention of your current customers, as well as gain some potential ones. Look to your local news for inspiration or events that are coming up in your area. One exceptional idea for local SEO is to produce videos of charities that you support.

If you need assistance boosting your local SEO or are having trouble making our SEO tips work, contact Alphabet Marketing in Clearwater, FL. Our team can help you develop professional websites with amazing designs and assist with internet marketing and advertising.