Local SEO Tactics That Really Work

local SEO tactics that can work for your small businessSmall business owners realize that it is important to have a presence online. Local SEO is crucial to get your business on the map. However, many of these companies are limited in their growth because they do not know the tactics that work.

There are many local SEO tactics that can work for your small business. Here are some of the most influential strategies in advertising, listings, social media, email marketing, and within the community that can work for you.

One good way to make your small business seen is to run Google Ads. With these ads, you will be able to target possible clients, which can lead to more inquiries within your business and even an increase in sales.

When you are setting up Google Ads, be sure to target your local audience. You can set up your radius targeting as well so you know you are reaching as many as you can in your area.

Having your website listed is also a great local SEO tactic that works. Yelp, Merchant Circle, and Google My Business are just a few that help people in your area learn about your company. List as many details as you can when creating your listings, and be sure you are consistent. Every place you list your information should read the same. For example, if your business name is Cat Crew and Company, it needs to be listed in every directory. Be certain that none of the directories are shortened to Cat Crew and Co or just Cat Crew.

When listing your websites, you will also want to make sure you are listed under the correct category. You would be surprised how many spots you can move up just by selecting the correct one.

Reviews are a great thing for your small business to have. If you do not have any reviews, now is the time to work on getting some. There is nothing wrong with asking customers to leave a review. The worst they can do is say no. But you would be surprised how many of them will leave a review.

If you are looking to boost your rankings in local SEO, consider creating hubs and individual location pages. This will allow you to show up in searches for each area you provide services.

Let’s chat about social media. It can really do wonders for your SEO. Whenever you have a new review, you should share it on your social media pages.

You can utilize your social media pages in other ways as well. Share a link to your blog posts on them. Or add a video of a walk-through tour of your business. You can also do employee spotlights or ask questions that others can engage in. Perhaps if you run a shoe business, you can show two different kinds of similar shoes and ask which one people like better. You can also use social media for contests. People love this type of thing. May have a guess how many jellybeans are in the jar or ask a question with different answers for them to pick from. You can offer business sway as a prize or a coupon with a specific amount off.

You will also want to be a part of your community. You can do this by being a local sponsor of a sports team. Or you could promote various activities happening in the community, such as a soup supper or other benefits.

If you are located in the Clearwater, FL area and need assistance with your local SEO for your small business, contact Alphabet Marketing today. They have the power and expertise to help with these tactics and many more.