Local SEO Strategies For Internet Marketing

Local SEO Strategies For Internet MarketingA critical aspect of any business is doing local SEO as part of their internet marketing plan. This will allow individuals that are nearby to find your services quickly. It can also help them pick you over your competition, which means increased traffic and revenue to your site and business. Here we will provide some strategies that you can add to your internet marketing plan today.

One strategy that works well for local SEO is taking advantage of the city pages. These pages are located on your website to target a specific city. This is a great idea to utilize so you can do well in places where you do not have an actual address. This is important because 46% of searches on Google are looking for local information.

Google Post is an amazing way for you to keep your customers informed about your business. Here you can post reviews, stay in touch with clients, or post events that pertain to you. After one week, these posts will expire, but posts about events will stay posted until the event has passed. This is great advertising for your business as it is free.

If you do not have citations of your business published, you are not doing as well as you could. By adding citations to your internet marketing strategy, you will make a difference in your business. Google My Business is a wonderful place for people to reference for the information that they need. However, make sure that this information matches every other citation you have listed in other directories. If they do not match, Google will penalize you.

You should also take advantage of adding images to your Google My Business. This is a local SEO tactic that can really draw in potential customers. With every image that you add, you are increasing your authority. What is more, is that many people like to be familiar with the places they visit. An example of this is the dental office. For many people, seeing the office beforehand can reassure them. By seeing images of how a place looks, people are often able to see how clean a place is or if it gives off a friendly vibe, which is important to many customers. And if you add images, you can increase your engagement as well.

High-quality content is very important to any website, but it truly works wonders for local SEO. Content that pertains to the locals will increase the chance that they will read it. Google will see this and reward you with more authority. When new posts are created, make sure to add it to Google Post for the best results. This will spark user engagement as long as the posts are unique and full of fresh information.

Local SEO techniques must be used for your internet marketing strategy. If you are uncertain how to make it all come together, contact Alphabet Marketing. They will be able to provide you with the best information and create a plan that will work for your business.