SEO And Law Firm Content Writing Tips

SEO And Law Firm Content Writing TipsSEO and law firm content go hand in hand. When attorneys look into search optimization for their websites, one of their law firm SEO strategies should be improving content on their site. Lawyers were some of the first professions to see that it is very important to have a digital marketing plan in place.

The main reason that attorneys understand why they need law firm SEO is that they know that yellow pages are not used like they once were. Most people probably do not have a telephone book in their homes, so taking out the back cover ad is pointless. Lawyers are beginning to see that they need more than one SEO practice in order to succeed in today’s market.

Lawyers are seeing that paid ads on Facebook work quite well, but law firm content is something that can really sell a practice. Having high-quality content will allow the practice to be conducive to their knowledge that they are spreading. The following are ways that a law firm can set a plan in place.

First, the law firm needs to realize while keywords are very important, it is more important to write for the topic at hand. This is what your potential clients will be searching for. Moreover, when you write law firm content with topics over keywords, you are able to focus on more than one keyword or phrase per piece of content.

Perhaps you need assistance with coming up with topics. There are many tools online that can help with this. Answer the Public is a free tool that can assist you in generating ideas using your keywords or phrases. Once you have come up with your topic, you can fine-tune it to who you are trying to target.

It is important to figure out who you are trying to reach with your content. Law firm content will do you no good if you are uncertain who you are reaching. Or if you are reaching anyone for that matter. Take the time to figure out who is using your services or who needs a lawyer. You can not target everyone because not everyone needs a lawyer. To do this, take a look at who you are serving right now in your practice. Ask what issues the clients you are serving are facing right now and what type of people are running into these issues.

You may also want to use Google Analytics to see where your web traffic is coming from. These should include the ages, gender, and geographical location of those searching your site. They will also include family, job title and salary, and education level. By looking at these demographics, you can see exactly who your targeted audience is.

Next, we will move on to content. The type of law firm content you use can vary. The most common types include:

  • Blog Posts- a common way to bring more traffic to your site. Keywords should always point back to your main service page. Blog posts are a great way to spread your knowledge.
  • Location pages- These pages will target a specific region or city.
  • Audio content- Podcasts are huge right now. They are easily made and can really grab hold of a client’s attention.
  • Visual content- Videos are an amazing way to feature content. These can provide visuals that can attract the attention of viewers.

If you are interested in learning about how law firm content can help your site, consider calling Alphabet Marketing. This firm can assist you in obtaining the content you need while working on your law firm SEO.