Increasing Sales With Email Marketing

Increasing Sales With Email MarketingIf you have wondered lately if email marketing was still a great strategy for your marketing plan, the answer is 100% yes! This form of marketing is not only useful but when done correctly, can be very effective. As long as you have a target audience to send these emails to, email marketing can work beautifully to increase sales.

While the above seems like a great answer, when we deal with SEO, there is always a short answer and a long answer. The long answer on if email marketing is effective is still yes. But how effective this marketing is will be based on various things. You will need to really take a hard look at what your plan is to see how efficient your strategy really is.

One thing that used to work in the past was email blasts. However, we are seeing this is not really an effective method anymore. Instead of using this method, it is preferred that you send out automated emails to leads. These leads will allow you to continue to talk with a person who has expressed interest when they visited your landing page. This person will need to opt-in for the campaign to start for them.

There are various ways that the lead many have found your site. They may have done an organic search, or perhaps they clicked on a social media ad. The lead could have also found your landing page by a PPC digital ad, a link on Twitter, or an ad with your URL on it.

If you desire to have an email marketing plan that is effective, you will want to be certain to have a strong plan. The email should contain a subject line that is well-developed and will catch the attention of the recipient. The email should be personalized so the recipient feels like you are truly reaching out to them. You will also database segmentation, metric analysis, and data-driven if/then scenarios. Having an email automation system will also greatly help.

To go with your marketing plan, you may consider adding a video to your emails. This is a great strategy that works wonders for many.

You will also want to keep track of your benchmarks. What is the rate that your emails are being opened? A good rate is between 20 to 25%. It is also a good idea to know what the average click rate is (2 to3% is ideal), and if you have a hard bounce rate. You will also want to check to see if any of these recipients unsubscribed.

If you have valuable leads, you can see that email marketing can be very effective for your SEO strategy. It will most likely not come easily, as this marketing technique takes time and work. But it can work if you are willing to put the time in.

If you are uncertain about email marketing, consider hiring a professional such as Alphabet Marketing to assist you in making a plan that works for your business.