Why You Need A New Website

Top Reasons Why You Need a New WebsiteIf you have not taken a good look at your website lately, there is a huge chance that you are missing out on many great opportunities. By creating a new website, you have the chance to reach new clients, put your brand out there for others to see, optimize the site better, and much more.

Now, you may be thinking you have already addressed all of these issues in the past. While this may be true, keep in mind that things are continuously changing. New platforms are being developed, technology is changing, and costs may be different from what they were five, ten, or even just two years ago!

If you are uncertain if you need a new website developed, consider the following points.

First, when you update your web pages, there is the opportunity to convert leads to conversions. It has been seen that potential clients generally stay on a website for approximately 2.6 seconds viewing your webpage to find the data they require. Therefore, a good first impression is crucial. If your homepage is not making a great impression on others, it is time to update it.

Next, think about how consistent you are when it comes to your online presence. Do you have much content on various sites? What about your social media pages, such as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube? Are you being consistent in what you are posting on all of them? Do your messages on all of them match up with your website? Does the design of your emails look the same as your website? If not, consider creating a new website. When an individual is not seeing consistency in all aspects of your online presence, they can become easily confused between your brand and others.

Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, it is imperative to redesign it! With so many people on the go, today, smartphones and mobile devices are the way many people access the internet. Approximately 70% of all traffic on the web comes from cellular devices. Therefore, it makes sense to provide a website that anyone can access from their cellphone or tablet.

How fast is your website? If it takes forever to load, it is time to upgrade. Did you know that for every second it takes for your website to load, 10% of visitors click off your page? If your page takes a mere 5 seconds to load, you have already lost half of those customers!

Have you ever had an awful experience while on a website? If so, you understand it is crucial to ensure each customer has the best possible experience while on your site. Be sure that your website showcases what your goal is. Maybe it is to make sure potential customers see how your cat food is better than the leading brand. Or perhaps the goal is to spread the word that your sneakers are the best for plantar fasciitis. Whatever the goal is, ensure you have enough content and information on your website to convey this.

While checking out the user experience, look at your CTAs (call to action). Be sure you do not have too many listed on one page, and make sure that they are clear enough for your users to know what the next step of the process is.

If you need a new website, consider contacting Alphabet Marketing in Tampa, FL. They can develop a website package that works well for your company that can fit any budget.