How Website Speed Affects SEO

Page Speed As A Google Ranking FactorEverybody would like to have a fast website speed and there is a good reason why. When your website speed is not good, many visitors leave the website as quickly as they had arrived. The lack of good website speed is a problem for SEO as well. You must find ways of speeding it up so that the website SEO is not adversely affected. It is similar to meeting someone for the first time. The first impression of the person many times is extremely important. The same thing applies to a website also.

Importance of website speed for mobiles

You need to consider the website speed on a mobile device seriously. If it takes longer than 15 seconds to load and the competitor website loads in 3 seconds you are going to lose out. Every additional second your website takes to load means many visitors are leaving the site for the competitors. Faster websites are easier for Google search engines to crawl. Bots can work more efficiently if the server is fast. All this will affect the SEO budget. Google will always take a close look at the overall health of your website.

Advantages for crawling

When you are looking to make the crawling budget for your website bigger, you will have to perform frequent maintenance of your website. Websites having a smaller number of errors will be capable of creating better budget utilization. You need to reduce the redirection chains, obtain more links, and block certain areas of your site. Faster websites always have a greater conversion rate and smaller bounce rates. A fast-loading website allows you to develop the trust of your customers and improve brand loyalty.

One of your main goals must be for the visitors to have a great experience on your site. A single bad experience can lead to lost customers and the negative feedback will get shared with the prospects. People are always happy with less stress and they are a lot more satisfied when they do not have to wait for the site to load. If a site makes them feel great about the visit, these people can return. This leads to more repeat customers. Google will envisage your web page to be a good one for the search as several customers are returning to it.

Factors affecting website speed

Although you need to invest in improving your website speed, never focus on it entirely. Several tests you may do will mimic the conditions but they are not realistic. Instead of going by it, you need to consider the actual clientele. You need to realize that every visitor is not the same. They will have a range of internet connections, gadgets, and browsers. You need to be mindful of the visitors and their methods of accessing your site. Be aware of what these visitors will do when they are on the web page.

Using tools

You need to check the website speed by using certain tools. These tools assist you in assessing the speed issues that you need to focus on while working on SEO. Some of the good ones are GTmetrix, Lighthouse, Pingdom, and PageSpeed Insights. There are several other things you can do for speeding up the site. Compressing images, getting rid of unnecessary plugins, using content delivery networks, or even changing the hosting. It is possible to minimize the HTTP requests, reduce server response time, perform compression audits and defer the JavaScript loading.

Keep in mind that website speed is something you have to work on continuously. In case you are not sure how to go about it, get in touch with Alphabet Marketing, the experts in website design, SEO optimization, and internet marketing. They can assist you with the analysis of your website performance and can improve your website speed.