How To Restructure Your Internet Marketing Strategy

How To Restructure Your Internet Marketing StrategyOver the years, many businesses have turned to email marketing to help them promote their companies. While this is a great tool to use, many are not seeing the effective results they could be seeing. Perhaps there is a better way than the plan you have in place? Here we will show you how you can restructure your internet marketing strategy in order to help you succeed.

How many times have you looked at an email from another company and you wondered who wrote it? The information is bland, does not have any character or personality, and makes you feel like it could be for anyone out there. The first thing you need to make sure is that the title of your email is interesting. It should pique the interest of those that see it. A concrete value statement should be provided, as well as any pertinent information. You generally want to see at least 20 to 30% of all your emails being sent out opened up. You may have to use a few different subject lines to see which one provides the best results.

One will also want to know who their audience is. It is easy for anyone to send an email, but without knowing who their audience is can greatly affect their internet marketing strategy. Have you ever heard of the “spray and pray” method? In this method, you basically spray your email to everyone, and then pray that these emails work and people become interested in your products. Does not sound very appealing now, does it? Personally, I feel it is better to send emails to those that want to know about my services rather than to people who may become upset about getting so much of what they refer to as “junk mail” or “spam”. You can think of it this way. When you send out emails to only those that are interested, you are not turning anyone off. And you are also not harming your brand by making it less credible.

Do you believe that when things are personalized or tailored to fit a person, things go better? Think of it like this. You are on a soccer team and the coach ordered new uniforms. He orders everyone the same size- an extra-large. As this is not tailored to fit everyone, do you think that everyone is going to have success in the game? Most likely not. The only ones that will probably be comfortable are the ones that truly wear an extra-large.

This goes the same way with your content. Look for ways that people will find interesting and feel like it was made just for them. This might be a video blog, a newsletter, or an infographic.

Next, consider A/B testing the emails you send out. Create two emails that follow the above credentials that are unique. Then send them both out and chart which one does better.

It can be hard to build an email campaign as you just never know how people will react. Some campaigns by other companies have been very successful while similar ones had most of their emails hit the trash can. Think about what your audience is looking for and how they can solve the problem they are having. Is there any motivation for them to search for your product?

Restructuring your email marketing plan can take time and effort, but could be worth it in the long run. If you are uncertain about what your strategy should be for this, consider contacting Alphabet Marketing to assist you in creating a plan that will work for you.