How Email Marketing Is Changing

How Email Marketing Is ChangingEmail is one kind of communication that we can rely on just as we did years ago. Many say email marketing is dead, but how can that be when in 2019 alone the number of emails being sent out increased? Currently, we are at the 300 million mark for emails and by 2023, that number is projected to be at 350 million.

Many wonders how email marketing can still be popular when so many emails are not being opened. Perhaps this is due to the tactics, techniques, and strategies that were once popular worked, but just are not cutting it anymore. But no matter what way you slice it, email marketing can be very effective as email is a top form of communication.

So how can email be so popular but companies can not get anyone to open their emails? Why is their email marketing strategy failing them?

Email marketing is constantly changing. Let’s face it…nothing stays the same for long anymore. Many factors are changing this from technology to cultural presence to various other factors. Marketers must decide which new tactics will replace the old to be successful.

Email campaigns are just not working now for the general population. Generic messages will not do anymore. A personalized message will go a lot further than a standard generic message. Messages that are geared towards a large group of people often fall by the wayside, if they ever get past the spam filters.

Email marketing tools are also becoming more elegant. Those who are receiving these emails are expecting a better experience. And this number is not just a few. Most people expect this!

Now you must think about competition as well. They surely are doing email marketing as well. And you want to stand apart from them so that your potential clients pick your business over theirs. You have to figure out how to target the audience correctly. And for this you need to have market research. This will ensure that you know who your competitors are and exactly who your target audience is. You can use this data to help you with your emails. But you still need to do more to up your game.

Marketing tools and trends can greatly help you here. Here are a few tips that can help you with this. First, develop your brand. The main goal should be to make your brand seem like it is human. You can do this in many ways. Create content and be sure to send out emails that are tailored to manage your online presence. You will want to build authority, showcase results and present feedback from customers, and keep your audience focused on your brand.

Next you can work on building relationships with these potential customers. When you create a personalized email, you are creating a building block to the foundation of a good relationship. Everyone that subscribes to your email list should only receive relevant information about your brand.

You also want to keep your emails interesting. You can do this easily by adding media. Did you know that if you add the word video to the subject line, people are 2 times as likely to open the email? You can also increase a click rate by up to 300% if you add a video that has been embedded!

If you are uncertain how to go about your email marketing plan, consider hiring a professional, such as Alphabet Marketing. This company will be able to provide you with the best marketing skills that are available today that work for many successful brands.