Obtaining Backlinks Through Attorney SEO

Obtaining Backlinks Through Attorney SEOHave you ever thought about how many lawyers were in the United States? Well over 1.3 million, which is quite a few when you think about how many of them are vying for the attention of potential customers like you. It can be hard to stick to a budget when it comes to finding new customers, but there are many things that can be done through legal SEO that can assist your firm in finding those clients.

Attorney SEO will involve creating content that is fresh, exciting, and updated on a regular basis. This content will need to be 100% unique so additional websites may aspire to associate to it. This is how you will get backlinks to your law firm.

Now you may be thinking that no one wants to read judicial news and information with attorney jargon in it. This is where you need to consider outside ideas. Keep it interesting and engaging. Here we will talk about the best ways to do law firm SEO in order for other sites to naturally want to link to you.

Consider adding linkable assets on your website. This could be a number of things. Infographics are a great way to provide information in a short amount of time. They appeal to masses of people, are easy to read, and are super valuable. Or you may consider adding an e-book for someone to download or interesting findings on a research project.

Resources pages are huge for attorney SEO. There are a number of things that could be added to these pages that could contain valuable information to many clients. These could be applications or tutorials or printable reports. Think about adding videos, links to government agencies, how-to guides, legal information, monetary aid sources, and more.

Current events are a major thing in our society today. What better way to talk about them than to blog about them. Plus this is a huge method for law firm SEO to get traffic to their site. If you need help finding topics, consider using Google Trends.

Have you ever thought about doing any interviews? This is a wonderful way to increase your attorney SEO efforts. Most of the time, when an interview is done, they allow you to provide a website link so you can be linked to that. If a publication is not asking you to be interviewed, do not be shy. Ask them if they would consider interviewing you. There is not any harm in asking. After all, the worst they can say is no.

Do you like to pay it forward? Does your law firm? Consider doing this by offering a scholarship or two each year. There are many places you can gain backlinks by offering scholarships each year. Not only will universities give you the backlink, but so will business support establishments, juridical blogs, and much more!

You can likewise get backlinks from before anyone applies for the scholarship. Fill out all the details, announce on your social media page, and ask people to share. You can share this with high schools in the area, colleges, or financial institutes. Once the scholarships have been won, you can feature the person(s) who won and receive even more backlinks for this.

Law firm SEO can be a lot for an attorney to handle when they have other things to think about. If this sounds like your law firm, consider hiring a professional service to assist you in your SEO efforts, such as Alphabet Marketing. This company will be able to help you get backlinks through various sources.