Why Your Law Firm Needs Social Media Marketing

Why Your Law Firm Needs Social Media MarketingOver the past few years, social media has really changed. It was once used to share pictures of your family or keep tabs on what your friends were up to. While people may still use it for that, more and more businesses including law firms are using these sites for social media marketing.

It is very important for your law firm or other business to have a strong social media marketing strategy. Facebook keeps getting bigger each day, as does Twitter and the other social media sites. It is to a business’ advantage to use these sites in order to promote themselves. And with more and more people signing up for an account, now is the time to do it.

Law firms can have a very hard time if they are not in the social media marketing mind frame. It is estimated that at least 70% of attorneys and law firms are using social media in some way or another. Most use Facebook, then LinkedIn, then Twitter.

People like to see law firms using social media. Many believe that lawyers are hard to approach if they need their services. If an attorney can use social media, they are viewed as being more approachable by the public. This is a great way for lawyers to chat with potential clients. You can offer a great deal of information on your page, which people will really value. It is a great way to get customers.

If your firm is looking to grow, social media is the way to do it. There is a strong correlation between these two. And it can be easily done. You should be adding regular content to your law firm website. Blogs with information about various legal issues, such as divorce or child support, could be placed on your site to keep it fresh. You can then write about this post on your law firm social media page, making sure it is shareable. Include a link to your contact page in your blog posts so potential clients can contact you.

Videos are a great way to bump up your social media plan. People like to watch videos because they do not take much work and you can learn a lot from it. Plus, your viewers will feel like they are connected to you in a more personal manner.

You can use social media marketing as a way to listen to your existing customers as well. Polls are an excellent way to gather information about what your clients like or do not like. You can also read comments that people are placing on your social media page. And if you have negative comments, you can address them as well. Addressing all comments in a timely and polite manner is essential for a social media marketing strategy. These are excellent ideas to ensure you are keeping up with how people feel about your law firm.

While there are many social media sites, you do not need to be active on every single one of them. It gets too confusing on remembering where you posted at. Plus, you will spread yourself too thin if you start out with several of them. Pick one or two to start with. Once you have mastered this, you can add another one if you desire.

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