Low-Cost Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Low-Cost Marketing Ideas For Small BusinessesMany times the small businesses have tight marketing budgets. It makes the promotion of the small business a challenge. The good news for these businessmen is that there are many ways of marketing the business to the clients without having to spend a lot of money. During the present scenario, it is likely that you do not have the time required for researching and identifying the free of cost marketing ideas. Here are some low-cost marketing ideas.

1. Become active on YouTube: There is a common belief that your YouTube videos have to be terrific for them to go viral. But this is a myth. Some simple and easy to make educational videos also can become greatly popular. One of the small businessmen selling promotional items developed a series of videos showcasing the way of branding various merchandise. The video with the topic of screen-printing umbrellas had close to 5000 views. It shows how effective sharing of your expert knowledge can be. A lot of people turn to YouTube to read reviews so, it is a real opportunity for the retailers to showcase their products. The idea here is to be relevant rather than revolutionary. You can use your mobile camera for recording the video tutorials and there is no need for investing in expensive equipment and cameras. You can also use podcasts to spread your expert knowledge by using available software.

2. Speak for the area of expertise: After you have recognized the value of the expertise you have you can share it further. Get in touch with local and national media for letting them know that you are willing to provide different quotes for the various stories relevant to the business. Respond to the hot topics circulating in the industry. Be proactive and take a conversational stance. Post regularly in relevant forums, participate in the various LinkedIn groups actively, and comment on the latest news and stories. You can also submit letters to the concerned trade press. If you can become vocal, you might even get an opportunity for a speech at a conference allowing you to develop your and your business’s credibility.

3. Plan for workshops and webinars: Now that you have become an expert in your trade, you can consider reaching out and interacting with existing clients and prospects by using educational events. Any kinds of business are capable of hosting a class in their shops, offices, or use the internet for webinars. Think laterally what kind of knowledge will be suitable for the target audience. For instance, if you are an insurance broker, you might want to organize a workshop for different business owners to educate them about the cover for all the liabilities. If you are an expert in internet marketing you can conduct a webinar about SEO or even get started with Google Adwords.

4. Use free advertising opportunities: You may have already considered using email marketing and flyers but did you think about advertising with the car? Your car is a prime advertising piece unless it is a beaten-up old banger. A car is seen by hundreds of people every day and you can turn it into a mobile billboard by getting attractive vinyl signs printed and applying them to the vehicle. Sometimes you will be forced to use the car for long trips and at these times you would rather remain low-key. In these cases, you can use removable magnetic signage.

5. Ensure that your business card stands out: People that are good at networking always take a pack of business visiting cards with them everywhere and are liberal while handing them out. Use this option by giving out truly creative business cards thereby ensuring that the new contact never forgets you.

These are only some of the ideas for kick-starting the marketing plans of your small business. Do not forget to judge and measure the success of your activities at every stage. It will enable you to find out the most effective marketing strategies for your small business in the future. If you are not sure about the steps you need to follow for developing a marketing strategy for your small business, get in touch with professionals such as Alphabet Marketing if the business operates from Clearwater, FL.