Components Of Local Marketing

Components Of Local MarketingLocal marketing is a branch of SEO and internet marketing that concentrates on the optimization of a website for being found in the local search results. Optimization conducted for local marketing is significant especially in the case of brick-and-mortar businesses that serve specific towns, regions, cities, and states. If it is done properly the local marketing allows the searchers to find info about your business fast and easily. It places them a step closer to the actual transaction. Let’s take a closer look at various components of local marketing.


It is by far the most important tool while working with location marketing. By maps, things are not just limited to Google maps. You can use OpenStreetMaps that is used by Garmin, Instagram, etc. to collect data. Foursquare can be associated with Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Snapchat, Samsung, etc. Maps are the same and used by the prospects every day for navigation. For making maps an effective tool for attracting clients, you have to place significant info about a business and find outlets for conveying this information. Some basic information required includes,

  • Correct address and phone number.
  • A single standard name.
  • Correct logo.
  • Working hours of the outlets.
  • The current description of the business.
  • Current site address.
  • An alternative mode of communication methods.

You can also provide additional information such as,

  • Business status (working or not).
  • Current photos.
  • There shouldn’t be any duplicates on the map.
  • Tags have to be where the business is located.
  • List of services.
  • Additional options such as Wi-Fi.
  • Answers to all customer reviews including negative ones.


There are three requirements covered by bulletin boards and directories.

  • All catalogs are other platforms for goods sale and services used by the target audience.
  • The directory is an eternal backlink that boosts the ranking of your website in the eyes of search engines.
  • The catalog is a way of cannibalizing the search engines for a category or brand query.

There are certain reservations about the first two points because all catalogs are not in the directories and all eternal links are not required. However, directories are used as platforms for the improvement of the online presence index and they are excellent tools. In addition to that Google raises the ranking of a business if it has listed its NAP information viz. name, address, and phone number.

Advertising and local reputation management

Even when you cannot satisfy all the requirements above, there is another alternative available. It is possible to collect local requests by using advertising that can be configured to display the business details lying within a certain radius of a place. Keep in mind that communication with the users is a key for successful local marketing and it does not depend on the tools you are using. You need to,

  • Work with reviews.
  • Interact with the audience by using the comments.
  • Publish current news and announcements.
  • Promptly answer the customer queries.

All the platforms you will use for placing your business have their own set of algorithms for assessment of the quality of work by judging the customer feedback. However, regardless of the metrics, these algorithms have to take into account,

  • Consistency of the published content.
  • Speed of response.

Retailers and restaurants are not the only businesses that benefit from local SEO. Any business that depends on local customers or foot traffic such as plumbers, electricians, hotels, and rental agencies will reap the benefits of using local marketing. If you are not sure about the local marketing aspect of your business and need professional help you can use Alphabet Marketing in the Clearwater, FL area.