Using TikTok Marketing For Your Small Business

TikTok For Small BusinessesTikTok was originally launched in 2016 and it is described as the Instagram of the mobile era. You can use the platform for creating short mobile videos that showcase your dancing, lip-syncing, and comedy talent. You can also take part in various challenges. The main aim of TikTok is to create and share looping and vertical videos that are between 15 and 60 seconds in length. Slideshows and videos can be uploaded or developed by using the TikTok app. Similar to all social media platforms, engagement will have a key role to play in TikTok marketing. Let’s find out how you can use TikTok marketing for your small business.

1. Challenges: The hashtag challenges are unbelievably popular on the platform. They also have the potential to go viral fast. You may try and develop some of your own, as Pepsi did in India. In case there is some popular one going around at the moment, that is worth taking part in you can participate. However, it needs to be appropriate for the business. Some of the hashtag challenges that went viral in recent years include,

  • #FakeTravel: This had people pretending to fly in an airplane although they were sitting at home.
  • #MicrowaveChallenge: This hashtag became popular quickly. It involved users spinning themselves around like microwave plates.
  • #HariboChallenge: The users arranged several gummy bears in the form of a crowd while Adele sang “Someone like you.”

2. Duets: This feature offered by TikTok permits the users to develop videos and play them by using a split-screen format right by another video. Some people opt to duet with others they know well. They deliberately leave room for other people to build on the clip, while others take this chance to duet with some of their favorite celebrities. When you are using TikTok marketing for your small business, duets are a great alternative. This way of collaborating with people belonging to other industries is terrific. Influencers, past clients, happy customers, and professionals can all be communicated. You may also use duets for fun. You can also use them for answering commonly asked queries.

3. React videos: One of the best ways for small businesses to engage with prospective clientele is by using react videos. Instead of just clicking the “Like” button on somebody’s post, you may record your reaction. It is a personal way of engaging with some of the other accounts. It also means that they are likely to remember you. Customers can send you their reactions and this is terrific feedback for the content. They can also customize the videos depending on their reactions and share them on their profiles. It is a terrific way of getting other users to develop content for you. This will improve your brand awareness as well.

4. Influencer marketing: If you can use somebody that has a huge following for promoting your products and services, it is great. This is a good way of reaching out to many people for a small business. You can also attract newer followers and have better brand awareness. One of the brands that has done quite well last year is Mucinex. It is an American cold and flu medicine supplier. The company worked with some of the popular creators for promoting their products. In case you have never done this kind of TikTok marketing earlier, find out more information about it online. You can learn about the ways to select and approach prospective influencers.

5. Advertisements: Another huge advantage of using TikTok marketing for small businesses is that it is possible to advertise on this platform. It allows you to develop brand awareness and reach out to newer audiences. This is similar to some of the other social media advertisements or Google AdWords. This is in the sense that you may develop various kinds of campaigns, add the keywords, select your budget and the objective of this advertisement. This objective can be driving traffic to the site. Or getting more people to download the app.
You may also decide where the ads can appear. You can thereby target the ads for specific audiences and schedule them to be released at specific times. There are websites online that can guide you more about advertising on TikTok.

It takes a lot of time and effort to write and develop videos. It is easier to just post an image having a caption. One might be concerned about the young demographic of TikTok. But keep in mind that many social media websites were initially adopted by the younger audience. Later they made their mark with the elders. Some people have sufficient time to invest in TikTok for their small businesses. But you will have to familiarize yourself with it. The use of mobile videos among people is rising every year. Online videos are likely to become most of the internet traffic by 2022. If your business is in Clearwater, Fl area, and you wish to explore the possibilities of using TikTok marketing for your small business, get in touch with Alphabet Marketing for help.