Significance Of Long Tail Keywords In SEO

Importance of long-tail keywords in digital marketingThe PPC and SEO professionals usually classify the keywords into three broad categories that are based on specificity and popularity. The body, head, and long-tail keywords are responsible for the conversion rate and search volume of the keywords. Head terms are many times referred to as short-tail terms. There are many times one- or two-word search phrases and they do not have a single clear intent. Body phrases usually contain a greater number of words and they are more specific. While the long-tail keywords contain three or more words. They have a smaller search volume but they demonstrate a more specific situation of the user.

Importance of long-tail keywords in digital marketing

The long-tail keywords usually display a lower search volume, lesser competition, and cheaper CPCs than compared to the one-word searches. You get a higher conversion rate for the long-tail keywords because they are easier to understand and are more specific. They provide a better idea about the reason why someone is searching with the term rather than trying to guess the reasons behind the queries with huge search volumes. So, it is simpler to target the long-tail keywords correctly by using a marketing landing page.

If you take into account SEO, targeting the more specific and longer phrases makes things easy for building the authority and rank of a website. It is easier to work with bigger keywords that have a greater search volume. This is because they can provide more potential traffic. But sometimes you will be writing SEO-oriented content to target the long-tail keywords. For this, ensure that you are using SEO writing assistants and content templates.

The reason why long-tail keywords are longer phrases

Although not all the time, the long-tail keywords are phrases that contain three or more words. You need to consider this from the perspective of the searcher. As you are writing longer search queries, you will be adding some modifiers for specifying the request in the hope of receiving specific solutions to the issue. A search term that goes like, “Why my papaya plant is dying?” tells us more about the situation of the searcher rather than just “papaya plant”. It means as a marketer it will be a lot more rewarding to use a term such as “Why my papaya plant is dying?”. This term will have a specifically tailored answer rather than using a term such as a papaya plant.

The long-tail keywords get their name because they are found in a long-tail. Although these keywords have a lower search volume, they have a greater potential for conversion. You can find long-tail keywords by using online keyword research tools. It is possible to add filters for several keywords, keyword volume, and keyword difficulty among other things. This tool will generate a list of extended search phrases depending on the keyword you have entered. If you are marketing your business in the Pinellas County, FL area, and looking for professional assistance with selecting keywords for your SEO campaign, contact experts marketing company Alphabet Marketing.