COVID-19 Search Trends And How They Are Affecting SEO

COVID-19 Search Trends And How They Are Affecting SEOThe coronavirus pandemic has changed several things, especially the way everyone envisaged the internet, SEO, and other online resources. There are many changes brought to the lives of people by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and several changes are likely to become permanent fixtures in people’s personal and business lives. SEO is no exception. A lot of businesses have realized the advantages brought by SEO. Interest in Google search spiked to the highest level yet and it has remained there as organizations try to remain visible, relevant, and viable. Here are ways in which SEO is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. People are looking for pandemic-related subjects

Coronavirus is at the top of discussions for several people yet one year after the occurrence. There were many questions asked during the past year and a lot more are being asked today. Google has prioritized this for people, making it simpler for the users to find the relevant info. When you search for different questions about COVID-19 Google gives you a list of reliable resources on its first page of SERPs. It will provide all kinds of relevant info such as statistics, testing info, news updates, and how to cope with the situation. Some other topics that were not directly related to the virus topic also gained traction such as hobbies and outdoor activities.

2. People are looking for local businesses

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that local businesses are affected by the pandemic. Although maintaining the business operations has become tougher than ever, several people are trying to support the small companies within their local area. Due to the supply chain issues and travel restrictions, local businesses have become safe and convenient alternatives for customers in many cases. This trend is not likely to go away either. Most people plan to shop in the neighborhood stores and buy locally sourced products even after the pandemic is over. Local SEO has become significant as a result. A business needs to appear in SERPS when people are looking for nearby places for fulfilling their requirements.

3. Online shopping has become extremely popular

Even if you did not perform online shopping before the advent of the pandemic, you must have started during the past year. Some non-essential stores had to close up shop during the last year. Even after these shops have begun to re-open, they are finding out that several people have moved to the more comfortable online shopping. With limitations on the number of people allowed in stores, the number of sales they are making has also whittled down. Online shopping is considered not only to be a safer alternative but a convenient one as well. This may be the right time to open an e-commerce store.

4. Significance of evergreen content

Due to all the uncertainties involved many people may think that paying for SEO or doing the optimization themselves will not be a good idea during these times especially for firms that had to close temporarily. But, the reality is exactly the opposite of this. Businesses need to use SEO and especially the content. Although it is significant to use COVID-related keywords, it is not the only way of helping different businesses. One of the greatest advantages of SEO is that it provides long-lasting results and this may be significant at a time like this.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced several changes and it has proved the significance of SEO for businesses. With more dependence on the internet, SEO has become a vital activity for many businesses looking to get discovered online. If your business lies in Clearwater & Tampa Bay, FL area a great go-to place for SEO is Alphabet Marketing. The pros will ensure that SEO is a part of your overall digital marketing strategy during the crisis and after.