Small Business SEO During The Coronavirus Epidemic

Small Business SEO During The Coronavirus EpidemicSmall businesses are facing an uncertain time during the Coronavirus epidemic. Businesses that have not been deemed “essential” during this virus have been forced to close. Others have had to reduce either their hours or lay off employees. Small business SEO is one of the last things on a business owner’s mind. They are busy thinking about their children, how they will home school them, and ensuring that they stay safe. At the same, they must still fit in their regular chores and still have time to make meals for their families.

While this can lead to an uncertain time, there is good news! Think back to when Facebook first became popular. Before this, it was an uncertain time for those that set up the platform. Would it work? The territory was not well known, so it was uncertain what lay ahead.

At this time, we need to think about the future. We cannot do that if we are too worried about the past. While this pandemic has been rough for many, if business owners focus on small business marketing, they can move forward instead of pondering over the negativity that is being displayed in the news.

While the Coronavirus may be an end to many business adventures, it does not have to be that way. By panicking, it is not going to help make things better. There could be a silver lining that will allow your business an opportunity that you should not pass up. If you follow these small business SEO strategies below, your business can succeed during this epidemic and rise up to be better than it was.

The first tip that we can offer is to hone in on your small business SEO. Some small businesses are under the assumption that during this time, it is not important to do marketing. Sadly, they are mistaken. However, this is good news for you because if you utilize the power of small business marketing, you can get further ahead of your competition.

Some may say they do not have the funds to do this marketing. Therefore, you will have to re-evaluate your budget for your small business SEO. Think about how you have your current budget set up. Did you allocate funds for a specific event that will not be happening due to the Coronavirus? If so, take these funds and use them for SEO marketing.

If you are not able to have a shop where customers can come in, get creative! You can do many things still. If you sell items, consider shipping items or delivering them. If you are a health care provider, you can do virtual consultations. This can also work for financial advisors, insurance salesmen, and more!

If you own a hair salon, you can still sell your products and have them delivered. Any business, such as a restaurant, catering business, bakery, or massage therapist can sell gift certificates to be used later. Restaurant owners may consider doing take and bake dishes. If you are a makeup artist, consider putting together a box of your favorite products for sale. By thinking outside the box, your business can still operate. Many of these businesses can utilize curbside pickup as well.

At this time, you can also think about the customers that you are currently serving. Ask yourself what can be done to help them at this time? Would you be able to offer them a bulk discount? Can you deliver the products in a timely fashion? By keeping these customers satisfied at such an unsure time, you can be certain they will come back after the pandemic has passed.

Finally, be optimistic. The future is not something that you can control right now at this given moment. Think about what you can do now to help your small business. By utilizing small business marketing, you can stay on top of your game.

If you need assistance with your small business SEO, you can reach out to Alphabet Marketing. They can help you put a plan in place that allows you to concentrate on your business during this rough patch.