SEO Game Changers To Pull You To The Top Of The Search Engines

SEO Game Changers To Pull You To The Top Of The Search EnginesIt is not hard to understand that when SEO is applied to your website, it can really take you places. After all, when you do not optimize your site, you take the risk of not being on page one. However, one thing that you may not realize is that SEO is constantly changing. What was popular to use five years ago may not make any difference if you utilize it today. In fact, there are updates that are happening all the time, which is a good thing because these changes have helped many individuals navigate sites better than they did several years ago. What this means for website owners is that they need to up their game to stay on track with Google.

If you are looking to stay ahead of the game for the rest of the year, there are some SEO game changers you will want to be aware of. By following these trends in SEO, you have a much better chance of staying in the game.

A new algorithm was introduced recently by Google. BERT assists the search engine in improving the results seen. Instead of dividing up the query word for word, the search engine will see it as a whole. We believe that BERT will be around for quite some time. With voice search, the user’s inputs are more natural sounding and conversational. This will allow Google to comprehend the fine details of the queries asked.

There really is not a way to optimize your site for BERT. However, if you have relevant content that is precise, you will be awarded automatically.

The next SEO game-changer is zero-clicks. This means that the majority of people will find what they are looking for on the results page. They will not have to go to the website and click through to find the information they are looking for. This happens because Google will take small sections of the content that are ranked to provide the best answer to the question that is being asked.

Consumers really like zero-clicks. It is a time saver for them because they do not need to look at more than one page. For those that have limited time or are impatient, it is truly helpful.

For you, the best way to optimize the zero-clicks strategy is to have Google feature your snippet. You will want to be certain that your content is easy to break down so the crawlers are better able to understand it. Featured snippets will draw in more traffic. In fact, about half of all traffic to a site that has a featured snippet is because of that.

You will also want to improve your content on your website in order to keep up with SEO. This can easily be done by adding videos to your website. Your users will adore your site even more when you add relevant videos to your site.

Think about how Youtube is the second largest search engine. This is most likely because many people love watching content, especially if they do not have the time to read it. Best of all, with a video, a person is more apt to share it with others. This is a great way to boost your backlinks and get more traffic to your site!

If you are uncertain about any of these game-changers for SEO, consider contacting Alphabet Marketing. They will be able to devise a plan for you to help you get ahead of your competition by not only taking BERT into consideration but also developing a strategy for zero-clicks and videos.