Benefits Of NAP Consistency To Law Firm SEO

Benefits Of NAP Consistency To Law Firm SEOWhile you are working with local SEO, you will encounter NAP. NAP is an acronym for Name/Adress/ Phone Number. It is one of the significant criteria Google will take into account and you are required to prepare for NAP consistency if you are looking to rank high on the SERPs or search engine results pages. The accuracy of NAP information and its consistency across different websites provides several advantages and the most important one is that your prospective customers can find you more easily. Let’s check out some NAP consistency benefits.

Search engine ranking

If your NAP info is inaccurate, it is going to affect your local SEO efforts and ranking in SERPs. This happens because the search engines will pick out the discrepancy in NAP info on different websites and will downrank the site as a result. It doesn’t have a way of knowing what listing is accurate. For discovering if there are any NAP consistency issues what you need to do is search by using the law firm name on Google. By going through the list that appears showing SERPS you will become aware of any issues that might need your attention.


One of the more significant citations you are going to set up for the law firm SEO is GMB or Google My Business. Therefore, it is a good idea to claim the GMB place and take the time out to fill in all the info correctly such as logo, photos, and business hours. This is also important because several citation aggregators are going to pull their info from this place. Include as much info as you can in this place as it is only going to help.

NAP and geo-targeted searches

There are three main aspects of search engine optimization. On-site SEO, off-site SEO, and local SEO. Significantly, you try to achieve NAP consistency for all the citations that are in use for these SEO efforts. It will also help improve the ranking in SERPs. For example, if someone enters a search phrase “lawyer in Tamps”, the different citations that are discovered from different directories can ensure that your law firm appears for the right location. It is because of this that a law firm situated in Chicago is not going to appear when you are specifically looking for a firm in Tampa.

Customers are unable to find you

If you have NAP consistency problems, your customers will be unable to locate you. This will force them to move on to your competitors. If you can take the time out to make sure that all the information you have entered is indeed correct the first time around, you will not be required to worry about people needing good reasons for being able to locate you.

NAP consistency provides legitimacy to your law firm

It is up to you to establish the legitimacy of your law firm in the eyes of customers when you are looking to get new clients and trying to make your way in the SERPs. One of the better ways of doing this is by enhancing the local SEO citations. It needs you to get the name of the firm out there in as many places as possible. It is more than likely that your competitors have done this already for themselves.

When you do not have the wish or time to go through all the search engine page results to make sure about your NAP consistency, it is a good idea to get in touch with Alphabet Marketing if you live in Clearwater & Pinellas County, FL area. By using this professional help, you can develop the local SEO campaign quickly.