Elements To Check In An SEO Audit

Elements To Check In An SEO AuditWhen you think about the success of your website, one thing that should come to mind is the content that is displayed on your web pages. This play a huge role in how your website performs, which leads to how successful your company is. It is helpful to do an SEO audit to make sure that you have the elements that are needed in order for you to obtain a website that helps to make your company a success. Here are the most important elements that you need to have when completing an SEO audit.

First off, the content that you add to your website should be fresh and exciting. Anything that is added should never be copied from any other source. Think back to your days in high school. The girl that copied everyone…was she ever successful? Most likely not because she was not unique. This is likewise how a search engine views your website. Your company was born to stand out, not copy others!

During your SEO audit, you can manually check to make sure that your content is unique and valuable by looking at your organic competition.

You will also want to make sure your website has a Contact Us page. Make sure to check for information that would be listed on the WHOIS information. As long as these matches, you are probably good in this department.

Moving on to how your website is organized, you should look at how well this is executed. Some in the SEO business like having a “flat” site is best. This means that only one click is needed to get to internal pages from the home page.

Other SEO experts like a silo structure. This means the entire site is organized per topic. Many feel that when a silo structure is used, Google better understands the architecture of the website.

You can check this by using Screaming Frog. On the far right window, tap on the tab labeled Site Structure. Here the top 20 URLs will be provided, where you will see any issues they are having. This includes if the site has too much content that is far too deep for a user or the search engine to get to.

You should also check on pages that are under optimized when doing an SEO audit. If you do have any of these pages, they are hindering your performance at getting ranked in the SERPS. A good reason for these being underranked is because keywords are being targeted that have already been optimized on-site.

If you do have pages that happen to be under optimized, be sure to look into pages that have missing keyword targeting. This would include any content that is not targeting a specific keyword. You should also take into consideration pages that have missing headers, those pages that don’t have any text structure, web pages that do not have any links (inbound or outbound), or pages without any metatags.

If your pages do not have a majority of what is listed above, or there are other issues, then you will see there are great optimization troubles that you need to fix. However, if you are not finding any issues of what is listed above, it may be time to look into how long your content is, along with other SEO issues.

You will also want to be sure your page is shareable, so others can show others content they like.

It is equally important to check of ads on your site. Be sure if there are any rampant interstitials to remove them. If you can not remove them, change them so they are not offensive to others.

During an SEO audit, focus on making sure that any claims made in your content are true. Google’s Fact Check Explorer can be utilized during this process to better assist you.

And finally, you want to make sure that your website is visually appealing to others. If not, no one is going to want to spend time on the site. Grab the attention of those that look at your site, but make sure that while doing so, your content is valuable and you are still being creative.

If you are uncertain about how to complete an SEO Audit, reach out to Alphabet Marketing for advice on this and many more topics.