Why Social Media Marketing Is Crucial For Your Small Business

Investing time and money into social media marketing is an excellent idea for your small businessSocial media has taken off in the last decade, making it the perfect way to reach out to potential clients for your small business. Facebook alone has had 239 million account holders as of this year. This averages out to be about 2 in every 3 people. It is predicted that by 2028, there will be 260 million users. Therefore, it is a wise move on your small business’s part to do social media marketing.

While social media is not a factor used in ranking on the SERPS, it certainly can help. And with so many individuals having accounts, it makes sense to incorporate marketing methods into your SEO plan. Not only will you be able to draw in new clients, but there is also the potential to remain in contact with your existing customers. You should also remember that if you are not focused on social media, your competition will gladly take these individuals from you.

Now, you may think this sounds silly. But consider this. How many times have you been on social media and seen an acquaintance ask for a good massage therapist or a dentist accepting new patients? People are constantly asking others for recommendations for everything from restaurants to hotels to car rental places. When people ask these questions, others can tag your small business in the post. Or they may also decide to tag you if they were satisfied with the service or product they received from you.

Do be sure that you have a Facebook page that is updated all the time. Be certain all your contact information is correct as well. You will want to list the hours of operation, your website, your price range, and what type of store you are (brick and mortar, online). Add enough information to keep the customers interested, but not too much that you bore them to death.

Even if social media is not your thing, your potential customer and current clients can still chat about you. Therefore, it makes sense to have a page. What happens if someone has a bad experience with your product? They go straight to the internet to tell everyone about it. But by staying up to date on social media, you can be certain to correct the issue at hand before it gets out of control.

People often have the mindset that only positive reviews or testimonials are good. While it makes sense to only want great ones, you can still show potential clients how you handle bad reviews. Take the time to address them, making sure to let the customer know you are truly sorry for the bad experience they have had and that you wish to make it right with them.

Speaking of reviews, when you have new products, social media will allow your customers to say what they love about them. This is basically free advertising for your small business, so it should never be overlooked.

When thinking about social media marketing, pick one or two social media channels, to begin with. This way, you will not be overwhelmed in the process. Then be certain to add posts, videos, photos, and other content that your clients will appreciate.

Investing time and money into social media marketing is an excellent idea for your small business. Without out, your company is missing out on a lot. If you are uncertain how to do social media marketing, now is the perfect time to contact Alphabet Marketing in Clearwater, FL.