Why Dentists Should Use Google Ads

Dental practices are always looking for new ways to obtain patients. An amazing tool that a dentist can look into is Google Ads. Not only will Google Ads drive traffic to a site, but it will also help your dental practice in many other ways.

If you have never known how Google Ads works, it is quite simple. You bid on keywords that are of use to you, but only have to pay when an individual clicks on it. If you outbid your competition, you will be able to have your ads show up in the top spots.

Dental practices are able to see many benefits to using these ads, just as many small to medium-sized businesses have. The key benefits dental businesses are seeing include:

  • Speed- Search engine optimization is not a fast process. It can take several weeks, sometimes months, before any results are seen. However, with Google Ads, it results in immediate results.
  • Customization- No one likes to be the same as everyone else. With Google Adwords, you can customize your campaign to fit you and your needs.
    Targeting- With Google Ads, you will be able to interact with individuals that are looking for the same services you are offering.
  • Measurability- You will be able to see how well your campaign is doing when you use ads. If you find that something is not working for you, it allows you to change it.

If you are set on using Ads for your dental practice, it is advised to have experience with PPC. Pay Per Click can allow one to spend a lot of money that is not needed if they do not know what they are doing.

You will also need to think about keywords. If you are not using the right ones, you are missing out. Keywords will allow you to get to the top of the search engine pages. You will need to develop a marketing plan that keeps the cost per click fees on the lower end of the spectrum. In order to do this, you will need to have quite a bit of research done to see what the best keywords for your dental practice should be. Look for words that stand out from others, yet well known so people will search for them.

You will also want to think about keywords that should not be used, which are referred to as negative keywords. A prime example of this is if your site is for your orthodontist practice, you do not want to show up in searches for “leg braces”. In this example, the negative keyword is leg.

And what about long or short keywords? Well, long ones tend to get fewer hits, which is natural because they are long. However, these keywords are able to target your prospective clients better than short ones. And typically, long term keywords are less expensive than short ones.

Google Ads has four different platforms that can be used. These include search ads, which show up when potential customers are searching for the types of services that your practice provides. Display ads help with apps on various devices, while app ads promote apps on Android and Apple iOS mobile users. Video ads will be displayed so those that are interested in what your practice has to offer can see them.

If you want to see a return on your PPC, but are unsure where to start, consider hiring a Google Ads Expert, such as Alphabet Marketing. They will be able to help you with all your Google Ads needs.