SEO For Startups – The Top 3 Key Principles

SEO For Startups – The Top 3 Key PrinciplesGenerally speaking, optimizing a business’ website, so it can appear in a higher position in Google, is not actually rocket science. After all, if a few things are done correctly, it can generate some amazing results. However, things can be a bit difficult when it comes to SEO for startups.

First thing first, such businesses need to target their consumers very well, so they can find the startup online. Obviously, this will happen through search engines. And in order to do it, they need some great search engine optimization.

Any startup can achieve SEO success from the start, as long as a few key principles are kept in mind when the entire strategy is applied. Let’s take a few moments and talk about each of them…

Set some specific goals

SEO can help you achieve your business goals, as its purpose is more than just driving traffic to a website. Therefore, before starting the entire optimization process, it’s highly recommended to set the goals you want to achieve.

These can be:

  • More profit, revenue, or ROI
  • Brand recognition
  • Targeted leads
  • Increased business longevity
  • Higher consumer loyalty

Before moving on to the next steps, make sure your business’ goals are clearly defined!

Set a brand topic generation engine

We know, this sounds a bit complicated, but it’s actually about generating content. Whether we’re talking about regular blog posts, guest blogs, videos, podcasts and many more, they kind of mandatory, since SEO is largely about attracting attention in the form of links and repeat traffic. And how can you do this? With some good content.

But before starting the entire writing process, you need to find a way to identify topics. There are various keyword tools you can use – including the almighty Google Keyword Planner, part of Google ads – while dedicated tools, like SEMrush, for example, are also excellent for a startup, as you can use it to evaluate how difficult it will be to rank with content built around specific keywords.

Create an audience of influencers

When it comes to earning links for a startup, the authoritative the source is, the better. But this can be difficult in the first place, so you should also focus on smaller influencer, without the biggest audience, but a loyal following.

In order to attract such links, focus on generating content that targets your consumer audience, but also keep these influencers in mind when you identify the topics of interest.

Start with mentions or references to an influencer or even ask a question targeted at them in your content. You never know when you get your answer!

Obviously, there is way more to be done when it comes to SEO for startups, but these three key points should be enough to jumpstart the business’ presence in search results.

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