Dental Internet Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Dental Internet Marketing Strategies During COVID-19COVID-19 has been a pandemic that we have never experienced before until now. With cases on the rise, many are worried about going anywhere. This includes crucial visits to the dentist. However, if your dental office ups its game on dental internet marketing strategies, you can rest assured that your business will not take a hit.

One thing that you should strive to do when forming your dental internet marketing plan is to develop trust with your patients. One of the best ways you can do this is to let them know you have increased security measures. This will not only keep your patient safer but you and your team as well. Ways that you can do this include wearing masks to the office, reducing the number of patients seen per day, and increasing the sanitizing and disinfecting measures taken per day. Send out a letter to all of your patients letting them know what your protocol is, so they are more comfortable when they arrive.

A great dental internet marketing strategy that can be used is utilizing your social media pages. Post videos of employees showing what the cleaning procedure looks like before and after every patient. You can also post testimonials of patients that had exams or procedures done during COVID. All of these things will reassure your patients that you are doing the most you can to keep them safe.

You may also post the CDC’s recommendations on your social media pages.

If you have not used teledentistry, this may be something that can help your team during a pandemic. By adding teledentistry to your dental internet marketing plan, you will not only let customers know that you care about their well-being, but it will also provide them comfort for when they do come to their appointment.

It is highly advised that if you are not offering tips on dental care to add that to your dental internet marketing plan. By providing oral health and hygiene tips, you are letting your patients know that they are your top concern. There are various ways that you can provide these tips. Consider:

● Posting videos on YouTube showing how to properly floss the teeth.

● Adding a frequently asked questions page about dental care to your website.

● Adding videos to your Facebook page giving advice on how to brush your child’s teeth.

● Post infographics about proper brushing and flossing on all social media pages.

● Providing information on any social media page about various oral conditions, such as gingivitis and how to prevent it.

● Do interviews with employees on how they are preventing the spread of COVID-19. This shows these employees care and are taking the time to look out for your patient’s health.

● Add a list to your Facebook page of things that should be avoided for your oral health, such as sugary beverages and foods, tobacco products, and foods that will stain the teeth. You may also wish to post good snacks for the teeth, such as a glass of milk, an apple, carrots, raisins, and other nutritious foods.

By letting your patients know that their oral health is a huge concern of yours, it provides much comfort to them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still manage a successful dental practice. Just take the time to up your cleaning measures and let your customers know that they are your number one priority. These two things alone speak volumes about how you run your practice. By implementing a few extra steps into your daily routine, you can help your dental internet marketing strategy out greatly.

If you are uncertain about how to develop a dental internet marketing plan, contact Alphabet Marketing today to get started on yours!